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I collect slide rules and other historical computing artifacts. Most of these have interesting stories to tell...

The Why and How of HOC collecting. My personal take on this fascinating hobby.

Links and Resources. Other sites with HOC exhibits and knowledge.

Start Here to view the HOC exhibition item by item, or click any exhibit below.

The enigmatic Spirule 
Magnetic core memory
Gravet Lenoir
slide rule
A Mathematical Robot
Flight computer

Not a Toy!...
A curious hybrid
Correntator slide adder
Odhner Pinwheel Calculator
Ivory Sector

Hard Fonts
and Glass
The first PDA
Computer with a dial
Fowler's circular slide rule

Chenevier's Memento
Software by
the yard
A Victorian "Calculator"
A Bill full of holes
Enter the Altair!

Homemade hydrological rule
The incredible
ALKU glass
slide rule
Iron Felix calculator
El Calculador!

Stephens' Supremathic
Psychrometric slide rule
Cattle Gauge
Thacher's monster slide rule
Joe Gerber's pajamas

The Bare Bones
Hemmi No. 22
Beautiful Digits
Blue Velvet
Just a couple
of relays
The Xeroxed

Black Gem
Locke's adder
Farmar's profit calculator
Hand wired memory!

Piercing the unknown
Ken+Add adder
Michaelis's calculator
Biorhythmic calculators
Webb's Adder

Gunter's rule
Krüger's Rechen-Federkasten
Leib Stern's
Slide rule
An unusual
form factor
How the sliderule got its Cursor

Kally's water
flow calculator
A lovely gauging
slide rule
The Small calculator
Five little
Intel Chips
Three pencil
slide rules

Wynne-Roberts’ pipes calculator
Cornell's F.24 aerial calculator
A slide rule
with a Wow!
Lt. Brenske's

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