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Here are additional interesting web sites devoted to the history of computing, sites which I found enlightening, intriguing, or just fun to browse... Most are the personal sites of collectors like myself; all openly share their knowledge -- lots of it -- about the subject. Enjoy!
  • Computing Before Computers -- a complete online version of a scholarly book about the history of computing. The detailed description of Babbage's engines is fascinating!

  • Stephan Weiss shares in-depth research articles and interactive flash simulations of many mechanical calculators.

  • Rechnerlexikon -- an extensive and growing communal (Wiki) encyclopedia (in German).

  • "Die Rechenmaschinen" (The calculating machines) -- The complete English translation of Ernst Martin's 1925 book, a key reference in our field. Thanks are due to Walter Szrek, Herbert Schneemann, and the MIT press for making this available online.

  • The Oughtred Society. Consider joining: the Journal of the OS, available to members only, is a must if you're serious about this hobby.

  • Mike Konshak's international slide rule museum has hi-res scans of over 1000 slide rule models!

  • Sphere Research's Slide rule universe has loads of new and used slide rules for sale.

  • John Wolff's web museum has very detailed illustrated articles on the internal mechanisms of many mechanical calculators.

  • Rod Lovett's site includes a searchable database of past eBay auction prices.

  • Vintage Calculators Web Museum is devoted to calculators, both electronic and mechanical.

  • Ron Manley has an extensive slide rule site with a wealth of information and pointers.

  • Gerhard Wenzel's Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices -- over 2800 models and counting.

  • James Redin's World of Calculators includes a directory of collectors (many with web sites).

  • The Old Calculator web museum gives deep technical descriptions of the technology in early electronic (and some mechanical) calculators.

  • Nico Baaijens's site has edifying video clips of antique calculators in operation.

  • Eric Marcotte's excellent site is no longer updated, but then, neither are slide rules...

  • Giovanni Breda has two detailed sites, one on slide rules and one on mechanical calculators.

  • Jay Francis -- The Slide Rule Guy, with a personal domain name to prove it!

  • Chris Osburn's Calculating Instruments site has interesting commentary and photos in a convenient MediaWiki interface.

  • -- a site dedicated to manual instruments of calculation as well as slide rules, cursors, abaci, handheld calculating machines, planimeters and integrators.

  • Prehistoria de la informatica -- a Spanish site by Eduardo Guillem covering calculators, typewriters and other office machines, with beautiful photos and a wealth of information.

  • Totalisator history -- A tribute to the Totalisator, the first large scale real time multiuser computer system, invented in Australia in 1913, and -- incredibly! -- entirely mechanical!

  • The Jim Austin Computer Collection -- a physical and online museum spanning the range from components to actual mainframe computers!

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