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Here is a collection of possibly interesting objects, images, essays and thoughts. Some of them draw on my present and past hobbies; some come from various small collections I've accumulated; some simply defy classification. Take a look, browse and enjoy!...

Commonsense Design. A blog where I write about everyday product design.

Small Blue Planet. An illustrated study of the impact of Apollo 8 on our planetary self-image.

You did WHAT on a Commodore 64 ?!  Oh, yes, I sure did.

Growing up in Electronics. A wonderful hobby, on a shoestring.

A Visiting Card. A tiny memento from the past.

Real Bookmarks from True Favorites. Vignettes of some cherished bookstores.

The perceptive art of Giuseppe Novello. Little known, but well worth knowing.

Illustrated Natural Philosophy. The charm of 19th century scientific illustrations.

Ingenious simplicity. Everyday objects of elegant design.

A virtual Cabinet of Curiosities. A potpourri of interesting objects.

It's a wonderful Life! Conway's Game of Life -- and a Freeware implementation.

Prey to Oblivion. Everyday things that no one would recognize today.

The real thing, in cross-section. How to teach what makes things tick.

Humanity's victory over rust!  A little history of stainless cutlery and its hallmarks.

Oh, no! Can Tesseract save the plane?  A rare action comic for the ultimate geek.

Yiddish radio geeks of a bygone world.  A glimpse of Warsaw's radio amateurs in 1926.

Heroes and Barbarians: propaganda postcards from the Great War.

Cloning a Vibroplex bug: Another triumph of improvisation!


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