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    What's small, made of plastic, has less than ten moving parts, is fun to play with... would you immediately cry "a calculating device"?
    And yet - a calculating device it is, the Kes-Add Pocket Adder, manufactured by the Kesling Pocket Adder Company of St. Louis, Missouri. "An Adding Machine", says the box to prevent any confusion, "Not a Toy!"
    This device is simple and lightweight; and the ivory-colored plastic is surprisingly elegant, avoiding the "cheap" look typical of many old plastics.
Kes-Add adder
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    The Kes-Add has no Reset option; to zero it before a calculation you must turn each wheel to the zero position, by placing the stylus in the hole next to the "X" and rotating until the X is hidden. Now you can add and subtract numbers by turning the wheels with the stylus, Clockwise for addition, Counterclockwise for subtraction, one digit at a time.

Kes-Add in box     Kes-Add instructions     Kes-Add instructions
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Exhibit provenance:
     Another nice find on eBay.

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