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Feb. 2018: Added A homebrew Single Sideband transmitter to Miscellany.
Dec. 2017: Added Meet a Mathematical Inventor! to HOC.
May 2017: Added Lieutenant Brenske's Marsch-Zirkel to HOC.
Dec. 2016: Added A slide rule with a Wow! to HOC.
April 2016: Added A calculator hidden in a book to HOC.
March 2015: Added Cloning a Vibroplex bug to Miscellany.
Nov. 2014: Added Wynne-Roberts' hydraulic calculator to HOC.
Sept. 2014: Added Three "pencil" slide rules to HOC.
Feb. 2014: Added Five Intel chips that changed the world to HOC.
Dec. 2013: Added Heroes and Barbarians to Miscellany.
April 2013: Added The small Small Calculator to HOC.
Dec. 2012: Added A lovely gauging slide rule to HOC.
Oct. 2012: Added Elisha Kally’s water flow calculator to HOC.
Aug. 2012: Added How the Slide Rule got its Cursor to HOC.
Nov. 2011: Added Yiddish radio geeks of a bygone world to Miscellany.
Oct. 2011: Added An unusual form factor to HOC.
March 2011: Added Leib Stern's slide rule to HOC.
July 2010: Added Krüger's calculating pencil case to HOC.
May 2010: Added Gunter's rule to HOC.
Dec. 2009: Added Webb's Adder to HOC.
Oct. 2009: Launched the Challenge Information Overload blog.
July 2009: Added Biorhythmic calculators to HOC.
May 2009: Added Oh, no! Can Tesseract save the plane? to Miscellany.
April 2009: Added Humanity's victory over rust! to Miscellany.
March 2009: Expanded the site to include my new business activity.
Jan. 2009: Added Michaelis's concrete calculator to HOC.
Nov. 2008: Added The Ken+Add adder to HOC.
Sept. 2008: Added Piercing the unknown to HOC.
August 2008: Added The real thing, in cross-section to Miscellany.
July 2008: Added Hand wired memory! to HOC.
May 2008: Added Kaufmann's wonderful Posographe to HOC.
April 2008: Added Farmar's profit calculator to HOC.
March 2008: Added Prey to Oblivion to Miscellany.
Feb. 2008: Launched the Commonsense Design blog.
Jan. 2008: Added Locke's "pocket" adder to HOC.
Dec. 2007: Added Black Gem to HOC.
Nov. 2007: Added A virtual Cabinet of Curiosities to Miscellany.
Sept. 2007: Added The Xeroxed calculator to HOC.
August 2007: Added Just a couple of relays to HOC.
July 2007: Added Blue Velvet to HOC.
    Added Beautiful Digits to HOC.
June 2007: Added It's a wonderful Life! (and the Goodlife program) to Miscellany.
April 2007: Added The Bare Bones Hemmi 22 to HOC.
March 2007: Added a scan of the Spirule instruction Manual to HOC.
    Added Joe Gerber's pajamas to HOC.
Feb. 2007: Added Thacher's monster slide rule to HOC.
Jan. 2007: Added Ingenious simplicity to Miscellany.
Dec. 2006: Added A Cattle Calculator to HOC.
Nov. 2006: Added Psychrometric slide rule to HOC.
Oct. 2006: Added Stephens' Supremathic to HOC.
Sept. 2006: Added Illustrated Natural Philosophy to Miscellany.
August 2006: Added El Calculador! to HOC.
July 2006: Added "Iron Felix" meets the Odhner calculator to HOC.
June 2006: Added Glass and Paper ?!? to HOC.
May 2006: Added The perceptive art of Giuseppe Novello to Miscellany.
April 2006: Added The incredible Curta to HOC.
March 2006: Added Homemade hydrological slide rule to HOC.
    Added More on Ropp's commercial calculator to HOC.
Feb. 2006: Added Real Bookmarks from True Favorites to Miscellany.
Dec. 2005: The site goes live. Everything's new!


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