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IFS Lab is Copyright 1992-2005 N. Zeldes. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to enjoy and to distribute it, on a non-commercial basis, subject to the conditions listed in the documentation file included in the download package.

Download IFS Lab for Windows.

  • No installation necessary... just unzip the files and run the executable.

Bonus: if you have a Commodore Amiga computer or emulator,
you're welcome to download the Amiga version.

And if you like IFS Lab, you may also like my Game of Life freeware program, Goodlife.


Long live Freeware! A number of Shareware/Freeware sites, who host IFS Lab and thus help its distribution that more people may enjoy it, deserve thanks:


Freeware World Team


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Copyright 2005 N. Zeldes. All rights reserved.