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          IFS Image Gallery

    The amazing thing about IFS is that they can encode so many different types of images: smooth or jagged, calm or hectic, dense or sparse, natural- or artificial-looking...
    This page showcases this diversity with samples of elegant, interesting or outright surprising IFS codes I've come up with (The links point to the coefficient files which you can open with IFS Lab).


    This is practically the "trademark" of IFS Lab. You have to admit there is something about it that evokes the flavor of M.C. Escher's incredible works...

Alphabet Soup

    Yes, this is the attractor of an actual IFS... I told you there are surprising codes in store!


Fuzzy Spiral -- Version 1

    Here are three versions of this one, differing only in the relative probability densities of the two transformations making up the IFS. Small change, large visual difference!...

FuzzySpiral -- Version 2

FuzzySpiral -- Version 3



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